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7 Jul

He believes his interven上海夜网 spared many of

of these children from their parents’ punishment for not being awarded a bag. He hopes that his photographic observations will shed light on the plight of the underprivileged, and that in doing so ma上海夜网品茶微信 ny other people will join him in helping them. It is an illustration of how photojournalists can be a force for
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5 Jul

Visa-free access to th上海夜网nd province of Hain

nan will likely 上海夜网become easier and available to more people for longer periods due to proposed 上海夜网品茶微信changes in existing policy, the Ministry of Public Security’s State Immigration Administration said on Wednesday. Foreign visitors from 59 countries will no longer have to book their trips in advance through travel agenc ies, and will instead be able
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4 May

He said an ideal souvenir is one that is practical, rem

niscent of local experiences, artistic and portable. “The souveni r market is huge and growing, given the expanding Chinese middle-inc ome population and consumers’ increasing purchasing po wer. But to earn money in this market, souvenir-makers should do a much better job.” China has the world’s largest and fastest-growing middle-income group (more than 400 m
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15 Apr

Eleven people dead in Shenzhen floodsmissing in a floo

Eleven people were killed in floods triggered by a sudden rainstorm in the southern Chin ese city of Shenzhen Thursday night, local authorities confirmed Saturday. The last missing person was found dead Saturday afternoon, said a source with the city’s emergency management bureau. At around 9 pm Thursday, the rainstorm pounded Shenzhen, leading to floods
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